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Stylish Mandala Art Clock 3D Acrylic Lamp

Stylish Mandala Art Clock 3D Acrylic Lamp

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In the right light at the right time, everything is extraordinary. Just like our LIT Clock lamps that combine the beauty of Light and the eternity of time. Our unique modern invention combined with vintage clock designs will add personality to any room, wall, or shelf. Our lamps are also the perfect gift item for your family and friends. LIT lamps were founded on the idea of redefining and re-imagining the design as well as bringing back the emotions associated with lamps.


  • Aesthetic base LED Lamp with inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • Size: 1.5" x 2.5" x 5.5" base cylinder
  • Red finish base in glossy/matte polish
  • Golden LED light panel
  • One-year warranty on the light panel
  • 1m USB cable with a switch
  • Photo shaped on acrylic panel
  • Material: Plastic ABS + Silicon
  • Power: Rechargeable Batterie + USB Operated
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